It has been a while, has it not?


Somewhere along the line, I gave up blogging in 2017. After more than five years of writing posts regularly, I ran out of steam, and other things got in the way: teaching, writing for publication, studying, and finding the time to look at the world from a different perspective. And so recently I took the conscious decision to cloak earlier blogs – the better ones will return at some point this year – and to take the time to rethink what this website is all about. I started as a way of keeping my academic mind active. But that need is no longer there. What I think is necessary now is a more engaged form of scholarship, a way of setting down in writing all of the things that I have wanted to say but was too wary of saying for fear of never getting a job. Well, the academy and I have come to an amicable parting of the ways. Hopefully I will continue to teach in some capacity but my goal is now no longer to aspire to an academic position and to sacrifice everything – from mental health to self-esteem – to that aim.

In terms of content, veterans might notice a few distinct differences. This is – more than it ever was – my venue to experiment with ideas, with new topics, and new avenues. The geographic scope will, I hope, be broad, and the chronological range rather wider than the old blog was. That ended up mired in a range of political debates that, for the most part, I was having with myself. It was a symptom of acute self-actualisation and is now at an end.

So, to the future then. Or is it the past?