Through this page you can access a selection of reviews of books that I’ve read over recent years. The choices will be eclectic and reflective of my wider interests but I hope they prove useful as a guide to the sorts of things that I engage with.

You can use the links above to find the reviews or click on the titles below:

Jason Blake, Canadian Hockey Literature (University of Toronto Press, 2010)

Simon Brooks, Pam Na Fu Cymru (University of Wales Press, 2015)

Alun Burge, William Hazell’s Gleaming Vision (Y Lolfa, 2014)

Jean-François Constant and Michel Ducharme (eds), Liberalism and Hegemony: Debating the Canadian Liberal Revolution (University of Toronto Press, 2009)

David Convery (ed.), Locked Out (Irish Academic Press, 2013)

Ben Curtis, The South Wales Miners, 1964-1985 (University of Wales Press, 2013)

Hywel Davies, Fleeing Franco (University of Wales Press, 2011)

Russell Davies, People, Places and Passions (University of Wales Press, 2015)

Misao Dean, Inheriting a Canoe Paddle (University of Toronto Press, 2013)

M. Ann Hall, The Grads are playing tonight! (University of Alberta Press, 2011)

Martin Johnes, Wales Since 1939 (University of Wales Press, 2012)

Rhian E. Jones, Petticoat Heroes (University of Wales Press, 2015)

Alun Lewis, Morlais (Seren, 2015)

Nick Mansfield, Soldiers as Workers (Liverpool University Press, 2016)

Huw Osborne (ed.), Queer Wales (University of Wales Press, 2016)

Mike Parker, The Greasy Poll (Y Lolfa, 2016)

Cyril Pearce, Comrades in Conscience (Francis Bootle, 2014)

Huw Pryce, J. E. Lloyd and the Creation of Welsh History (University of Wales Press, 2011)

Dai Smith, Dream On (Parthian, 2013)

Dai Smith, What I Know I Cannot Say / All That Lies Beneath (Parthian, 2016)

David Toms, Soccer in Munster (Cork University Press, 2015)

Peter Wakelin, Ffiniau (2016)

Charlotte Williams, Neil Evans and Paul O’Leary (eds.), A Tolerant Nation (University of Wales Press, 2015)

Daniel G. Williams, Wales Unchained (University of Wales Press, 2015)

John Wong (ed.), Coast to Coast: Hockey in Canada to the Second World War (University of Toronto Press, 2009)

Martin Wright, Wales and Socialism (University of Wales Press, 2016)