This page gives you a sense of where to go to find my published academic work, with links to the appropriate journals and pages as they exist. One day I’ll get around to building a database that you can download papers from, but for now do get in touch if you’d like a copy of something that you can’t access.


Fields of Play: The Sporting Heritage of Wales (Aberystwyth: RCAHMW, 2012)

Labour Country: Political Radicalism and Social Democracy in South Wales, 1831-1985 (Cardigan: Parthian, 2018)

A Little Gay History of Wales (c.2019 – currently under review by Uni of Wales Press)

No Laughing Matter: The Political Life of Gwyn Thomas (Cardigan: Parthian, c.2020)

Democracy in the Nursery
[A book with Dr Rebecca Gill of the University of Huddersfield looking at Emergency Open-Air Nurseries operated by the Save the Children Fund.]


(With Colin D. Howell) ‘Observing the Border: Sport, Borderlands, and the Margins of the Transnational’, Yearbook of Transnational History (2018).

Playing Up to Precarity: Or, the Lost Generation‘, International Journal of the History of Sport 34, nos. 5-6 (2017)

(With Colin D. Howell), ‘Playing on the Border: Sport, Borderlands and the North Atlantic, 1850-1950‘,  Sport in Society 20, no. 10 (2017).

(With Evan Smith) ‘Before Pride: The Struggle for the Recognition of Gay Rights in the British Communist Movement, 1973-1985‘, Twentieth Century British History 27, no. 4 (2016)

The World Cannot Hear You: Gwyn Thomas, Communism, and the Cold War‘, Welsh History Review 28, no. 2 (2016).

‘For our common cause: Sexuality and Left Politics in South Wales, 1967-1985’, Contemporary British History 30, no. 2 (2016).

‘Hidden From View? Male Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Wales’, Llafur 11, no. 4 (2015).

(with Rebecca Gill), ‘Moral Minefields: The Save the Children Fund and the Moral Economy of Nursery Schools in the South Wales Coalfield‘, Journal of Global Ethics 11, no. 2 (2015).

‘Skating on the Border: Ice Hockey, Class and Commercialism in Interwar Britain’, Histoire Sociale/Social History 48, no. 96 (2015)

‘Partisan Players: Sport, Society and the Labour Movement in Wales, 1900-1939’, Labor History 55, no. 5 (2014).

A Workers’ Village: John E. Morgan, the Labour Movement and the Politics of the Past in Ynysybwl, 1880-1920′, North American Journal of Welsh Studies 9 (2014).

‘The Dragons of the North: Rugby League, the Labour Movement, and Working-Class Culture in the South Wales Coalfield, 1926-1932’, Sport in History 33, no. 1 (2013).

‘The Forgotten Hurlers of South Wales: Sport, Society and the Irish, 1910-1925’, Llafur 11, no. 1 (2012).

‘The Secret Life of Us: 1984, the Miners’ Strike, and the Place of Biography in Writing History ‘From Below’, European Review of History 19, no. 5 (2012)

 ‘A Diversion From the New Leisure: Greyhound Racing, Working-Class Culture, and the Politics of Unemployment in Inter-War South Wales’, Sport In History 32, no. 1 (2012).

‘Miners on the Margins: Characterising South Wales and Cape Breton as an Industrial Frontier, 1880-1939’, Llafur 10, no. 2 (2009).


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‘Lions in Winter: the Summit Series, Professionalism, and the Renewal of Hockey in 1970s Britain’, chapter to be published in Brian Kennedy (ed.), Coming Down the Mountain: Rethinking the 1972 Summit Series (Hamilton: Wolsak and Wynn, 2014).

‘Workers’ Fields: Sport, Politics, and Landscape in Inter-War South Wales’, in John Hughson, Fiona Skillen, and Clive Palmer (eds.), The Role of Sports in the Formation of Personal Identities: Studies in Community Loyalties  (New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2012).

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